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Bubble Bazooka Electric Rocket Bubble Gun Bow And Arrow Adult Automatic Summer Toys Bubble Tea Machine Wedding Party Articles

Bubble Bazooka Electric Rocket Bubble Gun Bow And Arrow Adult Automatic Summer Toys Bubble Tea Machine Wedding Party Articles

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All models of bubble machines do not come with bubble

water, the pink bottle shown in the bow model is actually

empty. Due to international logistics and transportation

restrictions, sparkling water cannot be transported!

product description:

Product name: Bubble machine with light rocket launcher

Size: 24*22.4*12.4cm/24*24*14cm/24*22*13cm/12*24*40cm

Color: Yellow/Pink/Blue

Number of holes: 69/88/76/80

Gatling Bubble Gun: rechargeable battery

Bow and Arrow Bubble Gun: 3 ordinary batteries (not included)

Charging time: 60 minutes


- Innovative Bubble Gun Design: The Bubble Rocket Launcher has

69/88/76/80 bubble holes and blows thousands of colorful bubbles

every minute. colorful lights. more fun at night

- ABS MATERIAL FOR CHILDREN: The bubble gun is made of non-toxic ABS material, safe for children, no water leakage or spill design. Very safe for children and pets. Kids can carry the bubble gun with confidence and enjoy the fun of chasing bubbles. Soak in fun.

- Safe Cooling Fan Mode: The fan uses soft sponge rotor blades to provide a safe bubble toy for your kids and pets. When the child is tired, he will feel very hot. The bubble gun can be used as a small fan to bring cool and comfortable wind.

- Easy to carry and recharge the battery: with handle. You can easily carry it outside. Rechargeable battery has long life. make sure you have fun

- GREAT GIFT: This bubble gun is suitable for children. It has no sharp edges or smelly bubbly solution. Keep everyone safe while having tons of fun! It is lightweight and easy to carry. Perfect for indoor and outdoor events such as birthday parties, weddings, classroom parties, etc., allowing you and your kids to have a happier time

Product List:

1× 69/88 /76/80Hole Rocket Launcher Bubble Gun

1× Bubble Liquid Pan

1× Lithium battery

1× charging cable

How to make sparkling water?

1. Pour 1/2 cup dish soap into a large cup.

2. Add 1/2 cups of water to the dish soap in the cup.

3. Measure 2 teaspoons of sugar and add it to the water/soap mixture.

4. Gently stir the mixture.

Bullet points:

1. Bubble machine bow and arrow: It can shoot both water and bubbles, with a large amount of bubbles, creating a dreamy space and a new summer experience.

2. The bubble machine adopts the appearance structure of bow and arrow: the shape is cool, let your child instantly become the highlight of others' attention, and bring them endless fun!

3. Powered by 3 AA Batteries: Just put in 3 AA batteries (not included), press the switch and a lot of bubbles will appear! No batteries needed, just pull the full bow to fire water jets, the perfect beach toy!

4. ABS material is preferred, which is durable and has strong safety performance. Will not cause any harm to the human body. Bubble machines are great for kids to play and entertain. So it's sure to be a hit at any party!

5. Wide range of applications: Our bubble machine is ideal for multi-person indoor and outdoor activities, and can also be used as party, birthday or anniversary gifts. Whether you're planning a party for your kids or celebrating their birthday, our bubble guns are the party highlight.


Material: plastic

Applicable age: 7 years old and above

Power supply mode: 3 AA batteries (not included)

Product size: 66*33*7cm

Packing size: 34*31*7cm


1. First of all, it is stated that there are no bubble machines on the market that are completely watertight.

2. The bubble machine is limited by the principle of blowing bubbles. The design adopts a natural return funnel mechanism. If the bubble liquid is tilted or inverted, it will inevitably leak out. This is the problem of liquid leakage in everyone's projections, which cannot be avoided. It is not a product quality problem. !

3. Our design is constantly improving to reduce water leakage as much as possible. Users are requested to pay attention to cooperation. Use the bubble machine as straight as possible, and the inclination angle should not exceed 30 degrees to avoid leakage of bubble liquid. After use, remove the bubble liquid device as much as possible, and tighten the bubble liquid bottle cap.

4. Use/cleaning: After use, please clean the pipes with clean water to avoid blockage of pipes and nozzles.

Go out and play with bubbles! If you don't use it, you can pour it into an airtight container

69/88 Holes



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